We now have many more eggs. Happy chickens are the answer!  

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What did you miss while you were focused on the political news this Fall? Some of us found ourselves so absorbed in the political season that we forgot to stop, take a deep breath, look around and stay focused on the issues and things that we love and to which we are committed. For those of us at Heyday Farm, that includes community, food and environmental stewardship. The first year we began the re-establishment of farming on the Pederson and Winney properties of south Bainbridge Island, we sent out a thank you to all of those who had helped to guide us through the maze of possibility and actualization. After this difficult election season in which many of our worst human tendencies of bullying and incivility were deemed acceptable, we would like to revisit our original ‘Thank You’ and pass along the wisdom that we quoted from a 1917 U.S. Food Administration poster.
Due to the keen eye and talent of Jonathan Garfunkel (founder and managing director of Educulture) the 100 year old poster was visible in a black and white photograph hanging on the walls of the Oddfellows Club House on Oddfellows Road, Bainbridge Island. Not all things old are worth keeping, but all old things bear on what we have – and the best are worth remembering and understanding how they are relevant in these changing times:

  1. Buy it with thought
  2. Cook it with care
  3. Use less wheat and meat
  4. Buy local foods
  5. Serve just enough
  6. Use what is left

U.S. Food Administration ca. 1917

Thank you all of being a Heyday Farm supporter and may 2017 be a year of progress and healthy growth! 

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